Inspire, influence and succeed with a touch of sassy city frolicking and your latest style fix.

Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Let's Chat

As many of you may have noticed last year my content was minimal and often timely, but why?
It was time for a change.
I can no longer define Ooohlalaa it's fashion as solely a fashion blog because it isn't. Whilst I have always been vocal about my beliefs something changed early last year that meant I was no longer willing to relegate my posts to only fashion and beauty.
It goes without saying that the fashion industry plays a big part in my life and will always be central to my passion. It's what started Ooohlalaa it's fashion and it will certainly remain for it's entire existence, I mean just look at the title.

... but what has changed is our purpose. 
'Inspire, influence and succeed', applies to all areas of life, now more than ever. After a tough year last year the world needed a lot of love, belief and hope. The discussions we have in our everyday lives are powerful, thought provoking and revolutionary. I built this platform as a way to place my inspirations and ideas down on paper, but it just so happens that these haven't changed, instead have expanded and matured along with their audience.

Our priorities have changed and it is important that we change with them. 
I maybe a fashion blogger, a beauty blogger, a travel blogger and every topic in between but I am also a life blogger. Whilst my interests and passion remain primarily the same I find that this platform, as with many others, in need of progression. We can no longer be blinded, or ignorant as to what is going on around us, and we won't. A change in pace is needed.

Here you will find all things style, beauty, travel but you will also find cause, drive and hope. 
The world is changing, and so are we. 

Ooohlalaa it's fashion is a website that 
inspires, influences and succeeds with a touch of sassy city frolicking and the latest style fix,
it just now means something greater.
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