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Sunday, 7 January 2018

Awards season 2018- The Low Down

January 7th - 75th Annual Golden Globes 
January 11th - Critics Choice Awards
January 20th - Producers Guild Awards
January 21st- SAG Awards
January 28th- Grammys
February 18th- BAFTA's
March 4th- Academy Awards

Awards season celebrates those who are dedicated to performance. Year after year it brings about a collection of talent that derives from all walks of life regardless of ones background. From January to March all eyes are on the red carpet and the Hollywood stage. Not only is this a recognition of the talent that many have demonstrated over the course of the year but also a powerful arena to promote belief and opinion, and 2018 is about to be the greatest yet.

After a devastating yet groundbreaking year in the industry as a whole, awards season 2018 is about to stand for so much more. With movies such as political blockbusters, 'The Post', and 'The Darkest Hour',  amongst the nominations, we see our timeless favourites unafraid to take on the role of politics in an array of credible, iconic and powerful performance. This plays an overwhelming significance in demonstrating our willingness and courage to participate in political discussion. 

Awards season is world renown for celebrating the success of up and coming talent evident by Damien Chazelle becoming the youngest director to receive both a Golden Globe and Academy award just last year. Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Stone, Eddie Redmayne, Lupita N'yongo and Brie Larson are just a few notable figures to name, who have represented the determination and strive to succeed from an up and coming generation. Paired with Leonardo DiCaprio who received his first Academy Award after six nominations, the idea of never giving up, speaks louder than ever. 
This is what our millennials should be subjected to.

Whilst this is a celebration of performance, talent, and global community alongside the coming together of multiple industries such as film, fashion and music, awards season is also a chance for those at the forefront of society to use their platform to promote a voice. Jared Leto addressed disruption in Ukraine and Leonardo spoke about climate change and this year #TimesUp is where our attention is drawn to.
This platform provides the voice for those who cannot be heard,  through those individuals who are lucky to land a global stage.

#TimesUp is a letter of solidarity, by 300 women within the tv and film industry,  appealing and raising money to the legal defence fund that provides support to both men and women who have suffered sexual harassment and abuse while trying to pursue their career. This letter of solidarity drives from 700,000 Female Farmworkers who thanked Hollywood for their support in speaking up about harassment, many who have devastatingly experience it themselves. It goes without saying that the voices projected over previous months have encouraged individuals world wide to speak about their experience and an overwhelming segment of this encouragement derives from within the industry. This Sunday, many on the red carpet will wear black to represent this call for change. With the world watching awards season has become the greatest, most powerful platform yet.

We celebrate the talent, we admire the fashion, we have a laugh and create some of histories most iconic images over the course of the next three months, but we also promote change. You cannot speak about awards season without commenting on what it stands for. The platform has reached an unprecedented level where it can evoke change and make a difference and that can never be reversed. 
Many who fear their voices cannot be heard are represented.

In 2018 awards season is more than just an awards show. 
It's fun, its feisty but its also fundamental to representing global population which is exactly why dynamics have progressed into a greater power and purpose.

Check out:  #TimesUp
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