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Saturday, 22 December 2018

Lesson 3: Do the things you dare | March

Spring awakening. March was without a doubt my favourite month this year. After a year of heavy planning 2018 was filled with endless events and bucket list moments. 
Living and breathing city life I knew I was at my happiest. 
City girl.
I spent part of my March in Manchester with my best friend,  a city I completely underestimated.
Being a relatively older band who hadn't toured in a long time, with a new album purely rumoured, I was incredibly to lucky to see Thirty Seconds to Mars. Anyone knows this is my dream band.
... and to this day remains my best night ever.
Channelling our inner rock chicks, myself and Emma killed it with Jared.
I always love seeing my favourites end up living their dream lives. Myself and this angel were lucky enough to see this happen at the wedding of Elaine and Gary in March. 
So lucky to share this moment.
Count your milestones my darlings, you have the chance to make the biggest impact on someones life as they do with yours.  

Lesson 3: Do the things you dare
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