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Wednesday 10 August 2016

Life on the Pacific Coast, Mexico

Dress: H&M
Shoes: River Island
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Life on the Pacific Coast is a little different.
A little more fulfilling and a little more pleasing.

Imagine a Sunday night spent dancing the streets with your neighbours, watching circus acts or wondering around endless markets filled with local handmade goods and specialities. Whilst I have been on many vacations, primarily in Europe, life on the other side of the globe is a contrast.

Maybe it's the forgetting your everyday life and spending your time as you please, or perhaps its exploring the history and culture of a population who are the most welcoming I have ever seen. Mexico mesmerises you.

With every step you take there is someone ready to take your hand and dance with you, someone who is intrigued by your story and someone who is carefree and already enjoying the moment. It's easy to forget that your 11 hour flight is a world away from those who have forever remained in their hometown. 

Puerto Vallarta lies on the Pacific Coast of Mexico. 
This wonderful city brings together town, ocean and the jungle. Whilst the golden beaches of the Banderas Bay may appeal to some, trekking through the jungle and up into the mountains remain just as appealing, I wish I had all the time in the world. If your a city lover like me it's hard to break away but in a town that has kept tightly hold of its iconic culture you'll still walk around the corner to find your favourites such as Starbucks. This place has transgressed into a new era whilst continuing to bring every treasured aspect of the old on its journey.
It's what you would call paradise.

From the cobbled streets, insanely bright colours, dancing and the desire to entertain, to most of all the people. This really is one of the most magical places I had ever visited. Whilst of course many jetsetters are driven to Cancun and Tulum, I am pleased and feel lucky enough that I have had the opportunity to experience Mexico in all it's glory, the real Mexico (as described by local people).

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