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Sunday, 1 September 2013

September, a fashion lover's favourite month

September marks when I was born, unfortunately I turn 20 this year … I’m getting old I know!

September entails the zodiac sign of Virgo and the birthstone of Sapphire.

September means fashion week! Hello New York (5th-12th) , London (13th-17th), Milan (18th-23rd) and Paris (2th-2nd Oct)!
Which means …
Cara Delevingne everywhere, Burberry working their magic and Karl Lagerfeld dazzling the world with Chanel, excited? Who wouldn’t be?!

September is also the major fashion magazine month Although September issues come out in August they are filled with the hottest and latest AW campaigns, have you ever seen the movie the ‘September issue’, looking at a day in the life of Anna Wintour? If not, you MUST.

September means the return to college or university. For me that means living in the city in my brand new apartment. 
I love the city.

September is the beginning of autumn, my favourite season. I love the leaves falling off the trees and the scenery, not to mention experimenting with the latest autumn colours and opportunities for cute outfits.

September is the month for motivation, starting again and success. Keep this in mind darlings, you will flourish in the month of September.



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