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Tuesday, 24 September 2013

LFWeekend Trend Show, Catwalk Exclusive

As you know darlings I have just returned from an amazing time in London Fashion Weekend. I have been so busy moving into my new apartment that blogging has been a little neglected and this is a post that I did not want to rush. 
In this post I want to give you an exclusive on the LFWeekend trend show which included a never ending list of fabulous designers. These pictures are ones that I have taken myself from the show. There are four trends Pretty in Pink, Back to Nature, Shape up and Victoriana that were each styled by Pandora Lennard. The show itself was presented by Angela Scalon. I hope you enjoy these pieces as much as I did.
Pretty in Pink
So our first trend consisted of pink on pink. We saw a range of lengths and extravagant accessories including hats, scarves and snoods. This is proof that too much pink, still isn't enough. My favourite is the gorgeous bright fuschia skirt suit. The cut is amazing and the model looks perfect. Whether going out or simply for during the day there is a look for every occasion, the key is you need to experiment. Perhaps you think pink is  a little too girly? Well think again. So the last look is for those who adore pink (like me) and who are brave enough to wear such an ensemble. However if pink isn't your thing why not make it that little bit more subtle by adding a jacket which still shows your femininity but remains that little bit more understated.
Back to Nature
This trend is magical, mystical and mesmerizing. I love the colours, or should I say lack of them. The experimenting with different patterns is an element of perfection. Back to Nature is the epitome of everything the AW13 collection should be, fashionable and appropriate. My favourite piece is this exquisite fitted jumpsuit with a feathered quaker hat. An outfit that is show stopping. Although some of these looks such as the furry brown trousers and excessively large jumper are a little too experimental for my liking, the other pieces are thoughtful and creative. The key to this trend is to concentrate on either the top half of your body or the bottom. Perhaps a flowing patterned skirt with a simplistic jumper is more you than leather leggings and a fur, oversized jacket or vice versa? Either way your outfit is sure to attract all the attention it deserves. 
 Shape Up
This trend was by far my favourite which may not come as a shock as you all know how much I love colour, shape and tailoring. I love the extent of variation which is down to Pandora Lennards impeccable styling. It is hard to choose my favourite in the trend as it is between the second green look, tailored purple and blue skirt suit or of course the gorgeous yellow ensemble that finished the trend. I love the play with legs covered? Knee high? Exposed? Each attempt works admirably. This collection shows how colour is essential in your AW13 wardrobe and you should never be afraid to try it. Yes we all love black and as you will see in the next trend, Victoriana, it is perfectly acceptable however you need to embrace all trends rather than your one favourite. 
BLACK! Yes, one our favourites. This trend is perfect for the catwalk as we can concentrate on the shape and styling rather than become distract by the vibrant colours. This trend confirms that simplistic and conservative is just as exciting as exposure and clashing. My favourite is the military style blazer and cropped trousers and we all know thats because of its phenomenal tailoring. We take a trip back in time ... we've done the whole shoulder pads, flapper dress craze the past few seasons so it's the turn of the Victorian era. I am so grateful that this trend has come into play as we choose to dress like such and have the option of dressing perhaps more seductively and provocatively yet have opted to wear pieces like these. The original wearer of these outfits did not have the choice. The only way to describe his collection is timely and dark which both provoke curiosity.


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