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Sunday, 21 April 2013

What's in my bag?

I think its every girls duty to do a 'what's in my bag?' post, exposing what we consider our absolute essentials.
Here's mine ...
My bag is from River Island.
What's inside?
Ted Baker purse- obviously essential
Carex hand sanitiser- you don't know where you will be and who you will touch, hello germs
Elle umbrella- with English weather do I need to explain?
Tangle Teezer- Every girls MUST HAVE
Victoria's Secret student planner and pen- keeping organised, a life saver
Compact- makeup check!
Tissues- you never know when you'll need them
Paracetamol- likewise with tissues, nothing worse than feeling horrible
Vaseline- everyone should carry one, no explanation needed
Chewing gum- perfect teeth and fresh breath
A fresh Mac Creme cup lipstick- my favourite lipstick, it goes with every outfit (I go through so many of this shade that I replace them on a regular basis). I usually carry the lipstick that i'll be wearing that day too.
Benefit mini perfume- to smell heavenly at all times
Too faced blusher and mirror- touch up!
Mac brush 168SE- also touch up!
Benefit 'it's real' mascara- so you can flutter your eyelashes as always
Keys- route to your life ...
Earphones- I use these for my Ipad (not pictured on here)

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