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Thursday, 18 April 2013

E-petition Safety of the A18

Please take a few minutes of your time to sign this e-petition

safety of A18

Responsible department: Department for Transport
on the 12th April 5 people from the same family were killed on a notorious stretch of the A18 near Laceby Manor Golf Club in Grimsby.
The Grimsby stretch of the A18 featured in a BBC television programme, Britain's Most Dangerous Roads, in 2011, which claimed it was 25 times more dangerous than the average British motorway with 20 crashes in the previous three years. 
It was also found to be the UK's highest-risk stretch of road for car drivers in a nationwide survey by the Road Safety Foundation in 2010. 
I, we, the undersigned, would like the government to review road safety in that area and consult with local people on what measures could be taken to ensure further tragedies such as this do not occur again.

Five members of the Cockburn family were tragically killed last Friday in this horrific accident. Thinking of their family and friends, all members of the community in Chester-le-street were completely devastated.

Your signature could pave the way for change.

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