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Thursday, 11 April 2013

Beach essentials

Summer is slowly (very slowly) approaching and the holiday shopping needs to be started! But how can we think about all the fabulous things we need to buy with miserable weather like this? I, like most of you, am dreaming of jetting off right now .. but in the mean time i'll have to preoccupy myself with summer purchases. Beach essentials? Absolutely necessary to look gorgeous. Here are vital items that need to be bought for those luxury beach trips whether you're going to the beach at home (maybe not in the UK ..) or going abroad, like me- these are recommended spends! I have picked out some high street labels and some designers labels and like I always say if you cannot afford the designer you are most likely to be able to find similar styles on the high street. Mix and match on your colours and choose lots of varieties. Summer means fun and fun is looking fabulous.

The beach bag
 1. River Island, £35
2. Christian Louboutin, £895

 The Sunglasses

1. Topshop, £16
2. Thierry Larsy, £255

The One Piece
1. River Island, £25
2. Victorias Secret, £50

1. Victorias Secret, £37
2. Miu Miu, £145

Cover up
1. River Island, £18
2. Zimmerman, £280

Denim Shorts
 1. H & M, £19.99 
                            2. J Brand, £175

The Hat 
1. Warehouse, £18
                                                                 2. Eugenia Kim, £270

1. Forever 21, £13.90 (other colours too!)
2. Abercrombie and Fitch, £38

1. New Look, £27.99
        2. Charlotte Olympia, £545

Other things to consider:
Towels, sunscreen, waterproof make up (blogpost coming soon!), Hair protection


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