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Friday, 29 March 2013

Spray tans- the must have

So when you hear the word spray tan what do you think? Tacky, trashy and orange? I once thought that but I couldn't have been more wrong. Spray tans are one of the most fabulous things about, they can completely change your appearance. I first got a spray tan for my year 11 prom and got the lightest possible colour (I was way to much of a whimp to go any dark). I got it 5 days before and it had worn off by the day, obviously! My next spray tan was done by a clueless beautician.. ever seen Bride wars? I looked like Anne Hathaway's spray tan gone wrong. Don't worry with any good beauticians this will never happen, lack of judgement on my behalf! After a full day of scrubbing at it, it turned out perfectly (to my relief). So far i'm not really promoting spray tans and are more likely to be swaying you away from them but this should change your mind ...
My next spray tan was fake bake and it was absolutely perfect. I found a beautician I trusedt and explained my past experiences. From that lets just say I am onto my third loyalty card within about 2 years! Having a spray tan can transform your appearance. It turns people like me, milk bottle white, into a sun kissed girl. The tan, although everyone will know you've had one (no one goes brown that quick) looks natural and unless you are a master at doing fake tan yourself, it looks way better and lasts longer.

The Process
It is important you go to the right beauticians, someone you can trust. I usually pay about £20 for my spray tan, which at my regular beauticians is fake bake. I tend to get my spray tan the day before I'm due to go out but as long as you moisturise its fine to get it done a few days before. I would be reluctant to pay anything under £15 as I would consider this risky and question the quality. With your first spray tan you will need a patch test about 24 hours before so be prepared. On the day you need to wear loose fitted clothing and flipflops are the best form of footwear. The beautician may ask what shade you are after, if its your first time and you feel reluctant you can choose the lightest and ease into others on your next appointment. You will be offered a hair net (glamorous, I know) and a paper thong (you can wear your own underwear if you feel more comfortable) to avoid any dodgy tan marks and smudges. You can choose to wear a strapless bra or not, I usually do unless I am going on holiday due to bikini marks! / Don't be embarrassed the beautician has seen it a million times before. Make sure the clothes you are wearing are old, tan stains. I now have a dedicated fake tan dress and bra so I don't have to worry. Be prepared the tan is cold. It usually takes around 7-8 minutes of spraying and 10 minutes to dry. It is important to let it dry to avoid smudges. The beautician may recommend that you leave it on over night but if you are afraid you sweat in bed its probably best not to. The minimum I would leave a tan on is about 6 hours but with each time it gets longer and longer because you grow to love the deepness of the colour. The longer you leave it on the darker it will be and it is important not get it wet in development time. You need to shower when its time to wash your tan off and avoid scrubbing at it. It is important to moisturise for the upkeep. A spray tan usually lasts me about 5 days.

Types of tan

  • Fake bake-Develops over a few hours, this is my favourite. 
  • St Tropez- This tan brings out your natural tanned colour however is difficult to get off at times.
  • Laurens Way- I personally haven't used this and do not be put off by the fact she is from Essex. My beautician has just started using this and has had very good reviews. This maybe my next thing to try.
  • Other forms of spray tan are absolutely fine too, the development just works in a different way but your beautician should explain this.

The outcome
Gorgeous glowing skin that looks HOT, especially on photos. Spray tan is essential for me if i'm wearing white or really light colours it makes all the difference. The bonus is you do not have to wear lots of make up and if you have dark hair it gives it that extra shine.

Do not be afraid to try spray tanning, I was at first but it is amazing. Your skins remains in normal condition and it makes you feel good about yourself. Less make up means less effort. If anyone looks down at you for having a spray, FAKE tan, remember Kate Middleton (and Pippa) had hers done for her wedding day and she is a member of the royal family- they obviously approve so why shouldn't you.



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