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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Fashion DON'Ts

A list that everyone should abide by in my opinion! Some of these maybe my own pet hates but they are also fashion no go's ...

DON'T... wear red and pink in the same outfit, ever. The only time this is acceptable is when Louboutins are involved.
DON'T... wear socks with sandals or any form of footwear where you will be able to see then.
DON'T... wear tights and peeptoes, not cute hunnie.
DON'T... wear double denim, there is a reason it went out of style.
DON'T... wear heels that you can't walk in. If your stumbling before you have left the house you know they will ruin your night.
DON'T... wear strapless dresses that are too big, you'll end up pulling it up all night.
DON'T... wear a bra with a strapless dresses or halter necks unless the bra is strapless.
DON'T... leave the house in your Pjs, this includes onesies.
DON'T... over do colours, red dress and red shoes- not a cute look.
DON'T... be under the impression that orange looks good without a tan, it doesn't.
DON'T... over do it on the patterns or colour clashing.
DON'T... wear unironed clothes.
DON'T... wear a tracksuit in public unless you are actually going to the gym.

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