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Saturday, 2 March 2013

My Inspirations

I have many inspirations (probably too many!) that influence my everyday life and goals.
1. Diane Von Furstenberg, Designer and President of the CFDA
-Such a magical life story of success. She was the very first designer that triggered my interest in fashion, her memoir 'Diane Von Furstenberg and The Tale of the Empress's New Clothes' highlighted her fabulous life.
2. Queen Rania, Queen of Jordan
- Rania Al Abdullah, spends her time speaking on behalf of a number of causes concentrating on global education.
3. Vera Wang, Designer
- Elegant, exquisite, a master.

4. Kate Middleton- Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge
- Entering royalty with such grace and poise. Okay, so this wasn't the fairytale rags to riches story (she was never the rags) but someone who a person of my age can relate to. Her budding romance began at university and now she paves the way to being future Queen of England. I have followed her story from before her engagements day, now the world can admire with me the wife of our future ruler. Plus everyone loves a philanthropist!
5. Michelle Obama- First lady of the United States
- Who says women aren't powerful? POWERFUL WOMAN ALERT. Not only does she stand by her man (who has the hardest job in the world) she strives on independence and supporting her family. A woman who has made it on her own.


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