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Tuesday, 12 October 2021

- Speed it up, a city girls guide to the commute

Say it with me, your commute is a drag and we all know it-
 Imagine finishing your working day and spending the best part of your evening driving or on a train. Even yet rising early in the AM because if you don't you hit the morning traffic and your day and at the point your day feels completely screwed. Life in the city has it highs and has it lows but we keep it real around here and the commute is the reality that hits hard, and you better believe it makes or breaks your day:

Organise like your life depends on it - The most vital step to making that commute a little more bearable is getting yourself organised. It just takes for that lost phone or outfit disaster that can result in you running late or worse yet, a return journey. Get yourself organised and save yourself those extra minutes of beauty sleep, or the need for botox.

Fuel your soul- I never use to understand what was meant by the need for morning coffee until I hit my mid 20's and realised it was non negotiable. Set yourself up for the day and get motivated, find the thing that wakes you up in the morning.
 Who said that has to be consumable?

Smart glam- Spread your morning glow up and leave the best until last. Leave your lips and finalise your eyes when you have just about arrived. If your commute takes you an hour at least you will still look cute by the time you get there. I keep a bottle of my favourite Tom Ford in my car at all times for those days I forget, the days I want to play and maybe an emergency or two if they come along.

Play me hard- Having a playlist is an essential and even more so, one you can listen to on repeat. Guilty pleasures always work at treat. I will be the first to admit my drive to work is often silent, but the drive home mirrors an Ibiza superclub. Catch my playlist HERE

Homework club- Keep your work to your commute. The second you are home switch it off. If you are going to check first thing do it when you are out the house. The last time you glance at this should be before you walk through the door and switch off for the evening.

Catch up on life- Don't waste your time, call that friend you haven't had a chance to see. Not only is this great for your mind it also passes the time away like a dream.

Deliberate detour- I am sure the last thing you want to do is work your way down your to do list after a day grinding but the pay off is worth it. It only comes naturally that you zone out when you get home so make use of your energy whilst it lasts.

If you sit here and say you enjoy your journey, I applaud you. However this builds such a significant part of the day for many and is more often than not the worst part. Figure out your routine, spice it up and your venture will turn from a drag to a walk in the park (here's hoping ;) )

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