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Sunday, 10 October 2021

- So, she's back

and who would have thought, she's back.
The world has changed over the past few years and so have we. I have been notably absent from blogging over the past two years but why? I fell out of love with it. Social media and the need to be seen falls nothing short of a facade. I struggled to get my head around how I could sit here and type about what I am wearing, or doing when the world was falling to pieces. 
When you hit your mid twenties you realise there are just bigger, more important things to concentrate on- oh and a pandemic escalates that. However, truth be told Ooohlalaa it's fashion will always have a special place in my life. It is this forum that shaped the life I desired and I worked so hard for it.

The difference between Ooohlalaa it's fashion then and Ooohlalaa it's fashion now, (or maybe I should say the difference between Tashaa then and Tashaa now) is that we are here because we choose to be. I love the runway, I love the industry, I love real talk and I love the voice that online provides to so many. What I do not love is the need to portray picture perfect falsities, and quite simply put that is not what you will find here. I love the power social media haves as a space, but that space is not safe and is filled with illusion. 

This blog is home to city life, reality and maybe just a little fun. We don't take ourselves to seriously around here, we grind day to day, we have a highs and we have our lows and we live to no expectations.
From fashion, to travel, to hot topic and just a little sass, Ooohlalaa it's fashion is reborn baby- 
Stay gracious, stay humble and join me as I let you know what I have been up to, what may be on the horizon and ... oh, of course I have a few tricks up my sleeve ;)

So, want to talk sassy, city frolicking and your latest style fix? 

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