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Monday, 2 January 2017

Don't work yourself

The New Year marks a new beginning. Your the same old you but you have a fresh opportunity. Use it my darlings, it's time to make it your best yet. 
Pay less attention to the meaningless and more attention to the cause. It goes without saying that last year was dramatic on an unprecedented scale. When the going gets tough or your pet peeves get in the way of your day it's time to look at the bigger picture, how does this really affect you in the grand scheme of things? Pay attention to the important. Watch the news, keep up to date with events happening around the globe and voice your opinion.

Sit it out. Going out is one thing but squeezing it into a schedule that is already full to the brim is another thing. Take some time for yourself, the relaxation is way more valuable than your drained body. I know for myself something as simple as finding the time to paint my nails is a pleasure.

Embrace the social media detox. Everywhere you look social media is around you and it is quite often irresistible. I for one prefer networks other than Facebook as it provides distance and ensures your not too caught up in your everyday life ... but even then you need a break.

Read more. Whether it's chick lit, a thriller, an autobiography or a newspaper. Believe it or not reading is education so whether your indulging in the latest reality stars book release or the next Fifty Shades of Grey, give your mind a little pleasure from something that isn't your phone.

If you love something, let the world know. Maybe it's the newly anticipated Ed Sheeran release, a pair of sky high heels you've lusted after in Selfridges or perhaps a new exciting location. Sharing is caring, and you feed off other people.

Stick to what you know. Use your instinct. Are you really going to stick to your New Year, New Me when all it involves is an extreme diet and excessively saving money? If you believe you can, fabulous but if not set yourself some realistic goals. Everyone loves a trier. Try till you succeed.

Be that showstopper. Be bold, be beautiful, be daring. Be a trendsetter, not always a follower.

Never be bitter, be your best. Work of yourself

Happy New Year my darlings! 
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