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Monday, 2 May 2016

Glam by Charlotte Tilbury

Darlings, you all know my love of Charlotte Tilbury. Just last month I was showing you some of her divine creations in the most exquisite packaging. Well this week I was lucky enough to meet her. As  expected, Charlotte was as gorgeous as can be. Instantly my favourite thing about her was her love of women and her ability to empower them through her vision and products.

Charlotte has created ten signature looks. Whilst these looks are all very different she believes that everyday you should be able to wake up and work a different one- anyone can pull them off. 

Whether you're a Vintage Vamp like myself, Uptown girl or the Glamour muse the possibilities are endless when you're recreating. I was lucky enough to receive a consultation off Charlotte in which she recommended the perfect products for both my personality and look. With Vintage Vamp and Rock chick being on top of her list for me I soon found myself sat in the glam chair with gorgeous cranberry eyes, Cara D eyebrows and of course those insane crimson lips.

Charlotte was instantly able to tell me that I was already wearing Dolce Vita eyes, Bitch perfect lips and Cheek to chic blusher. If that doesn't show a little dedication i'm not sure what does. I walked away with an array of new products to add to my collection. As Charlotte glams up some of the fashion world's finest for tonights Met Gala I can be rest assured that i've met one of the worlds greatest make up artists. 

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