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Monday, 23 June 2014

The fashion girl's guide to packing- beach holiday

Darlings, it's almost time to jet off! I am ridiculously excited for sun, sea, cocktails and a killer SS14 holiday wardrobe. It's time to start packing. Here I have created the fashion girls guide to packing. I have included all your wardrobe essentials and pieces that many may not think of. I have excluded the obvious and focused on items that will ensure you excel at your fashionista status. Enjoy.

Your wardrobe
Bikinis x4 - at least two fabulous new ones (investment pieces).
Cover ups- in the form of kaftans, beach maxi’s and playsuits.
Denim shorts- in multiple colours, they can be worn day and night.
Cropped/vest tops- in multiple colours, which can be paired with anything.
Skirts- jersey, maxi and crochet for daytime and midi and tailored minis for night.
Dresses- day dresses (think florals) and plain yet vibrant maxi dresses for night. Shift dresses are also so chic for evening.
Cropped trousers- perfect for travelling.

Tailored shorts/skorts- smart shorts paired with a elegant top can be equally as fabulous as floor length gowns and skorts are on trend.
Playsuits- rather than jumpsuits. Playsuits are fun, lightweight and perfect for experimenting with colour.
Summer PJ’s- whether you wear them are not they are also perfect to put on when doing your hair and make up for evening.
Underwear- think very carefully about this one. Don’t go OTT, remember you will be wearing your bikini bottoms for the majority of the day. Take light underwear so you don’t have to worry about it shining through your pastel filled wardrobe. Also remember strapless and nudes for pieces with elaborate cuts.

Flipflops- for the beach and pool.
Sandals x3- primarily go for sandals that can go with multiple outfits however even if you just have one neutral pair and the other two are pairs that you love, you are good to go.
Wedges- for when you are missing your heels. They are far easier to walk in and cork soles are the ultimate holiday essential.
Heeled sandals- when things get a little classier.
Trainers/pumps- if gym time on holiday is for you.

Sunglasses- a well worth investment. Designer sunnies are timeless.
Jewellery- remember you are no longer in your home country, be a little daring. Rose gold is one of the hottest trends for  SS14.
Headphones- for some pool time relaxing.
Floppy hat- both appropriate and dashing
Beach bag- really think when choosing your beach bag. You need it to be sturdy and practical yet fabulous.
Tote bag- that will hold weight, key whilst travelling.
Clutch bag- Usually one clutch is enough providing you choose a neutral colour such as white or cream. I often go for ones that have an optional strap for when you need to look a little more casual.
Waterproof phone case- for underwater snaps, this is becoming all the craze.

Beauty essentials
Sunshine spray- an essential for coloured hair. It will lock in your colour whilst protecting from the heat.
Seasalt spray- to tame your beach waves.
Lighting spray- which aids in your hair becoming gradually lighter with the sun (perfect for blondes).
Waterproof mascara- for obvious reasons. Everyone knows waterproof mascara works nowhere near as well as normal mascara so invest, you will use it time and time again.
Bronzer- think beach goddess rather than your everyday blusher.
Bright lipsticks- to add a pop of colour to your least vibrant outfits.
Body butter- to make your pins look flawless.
Nail polish & remover- for when you get a little bored of your mani.              Also take a nail file in case your nails begin to snap!
Bb cream- for skincare perfection. Many don't usually wear make up whilst on holiday unless they are attending an event. The sun is good for your skin and gives it a little breather. Bb cream is similar to tinted moisturiser as it adds a little colour to your face yet its cream formula means it won’t melt or go patchy with the heat. Be sure to choose one with at least an SPF15 in.
Lipbalm- for when your lips start going a little dry.
Tweezers- to avoid any annoying in grown hairs.
Q tips- you would be surprised how useful they are.

Remember to adapt your make up to your skin. As soon as you start getting a tan you may need to mix your skin colour products or go up a shade.

I hope this packing guide helped darlings. If you stick to this your holiday will not only be fun and fashionable but all eyes will be on you.


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  1. Hi, Tashaa! Your article is amazing! I love the things you chose to pack. Thank you for sharing


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