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Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Katy Perry- Prismatic World Tour Costume Couture

10th May 2014: Katy Perry, Prismatic World Tour
On Saturday I combined two of my favourites, fashion and Katy Perry. The whole Prismatic experience was something truly phenomenal and her outfits were one of the major contributors to this. Unlike her last tour, which was just as fabulous, Katy opted for designer pieces rather than costumes. It wasn't just one eye Katy caught but an array of designers who made bespoke pieces for her world tour. This starlet is touring until December so it was only right that each piece was thoughtful, sassy and powerful and would remain eternally phenomenal. What was even more exciting is that this was only her second location of the whole tour so we were exposed to this amazing show before the rest of the world.
Ravishing Roberto
Designer: Roberto Cavalli
Songs: Roar, Part of Me,  This moment, love me
This piece could not have been any more perfect to start the show. As Katy emerged out of what can only be described as a pyramid, she set the tone for the whole night. As well as capturing the intricate detail and elegance this ensemble has, Katy's quirky style was more vibrant than ever. With neon lights accessorised around the hem of both her top and skirt and running through her sleek ponytail Katy's audience indulged in her outfit rather than becoming distracted by the surrounding props. Roberto Cavalli's vision was achieved to it's finest. 

Puglisi Cleopatra Chic
Designer: Fausto Puglisi
Songs:  Darkhorse, ET, Legendary Lovers
We then travelled into ancient Egypt where Katy emerged on a golden horse, accessorised with divine metallic colour combinations. Even dressed as an Egyptian goddess this outfit felt anything but a costume. From those gorgeous lilac knee highs and her embellished strapless dress Katy was a vision of dominance. Her tour was a work of an art, that only mastery could achieve. For a piece that could easily look tacky, understated and fit for a pantomime, Fausto Puglisi ensured Katy looked head to toe chic and succeeded in her portrayal of the Egyptian Queen.

Kitty Purry by The Blonds
Designer: The Blonds
Songs:  Kissed a girl, HOT n Cold, International Vogue Smile
Who looks this good wearing a catsuit?! Not to mention her costume change time was ridiculously short! Katy shows off her fun and feisty side before getting a little more serious singing acoustic in Valentino couture.

Valentino by nature
Designer: Valentino
Songs:  By the Grace of God, The one that got away, Double rainbow, Unconditionally
This ensemble was magical and bohemian and perhaps my favourite of the entire night. Anyone who knows of Valentino's creations knows that he is a master. This outfit is simply breathtaking and of course it is only right Katy also wears rainbow locks to add a little of her personality to the piece.

Mischievous Moschino
Designer: Jeremy Scott 
Songs: Dance Mix, Walking on Air,  This is how we do-TGIF
This Moschino, Jeremy Scott creation is the epitome of Katy's Prismatic world tour. Fun, feisty and fabulous. Moschino dominated the runway for AW14 with their brand inspired pieces such as the McDonalds ensembles and accessories (which Katy is a big fan of).  This smiley face printed combo which paired with her slime green hair is one element that separates Katy from every other artist. Her outfits mirror both her song and mood and Katy had the entire audience at her feet. In two hours she was able to portray every emotion which was enabled by her outfit. Who would have thought a designer & costume combination like this could ever work?

A Wujec kinda Met dress
Designer: Johnny Wujec 
Songs: It takes two
This was most certainly a good enough reason to miss the Met Gala however Katy was there in spirit and topped the list for the most extravagant gown. Whilst she could have sang this ballad stood in the middle of the stage holding a microphone, like every other artist, she twirled in an over dramatic yin/yang dress en capturing every single member of the audience. This gown is dramatic but surprisingly believable allowing everyone to take her seriously which is unexpected due to it's extravagance. 

West coast represent by Wujek 
Designer: Johnny Wujek
Songs: Teenage Dream, California Girls
You wouldn't think Katy's Cali girl songs from Teenage Dream could be considered old school but these songs were released in 2010 that is four years ago!! Katy remains her flirty and playful self and we couldn't imagine her in anything other than a bikini when singing these 'classics'. Four years on and she remains the same, but better.

Sweet by Discount Universe
Designer: Discount Universe
Songs: Birthday
This was the most magical part of the entire night. This sheer catsuit is the closest Katy could get to her birthday suit and believe it or not, it was from Discount Universe!. She floated through the air as streamers and confetti showered the audience. If there is one part of the night to be entirely jealous of, this is most certainly it. Her ensemble was simplistic in everything but print allowing it to be appropriate yet show stopping.


Designer: Todd Thomas
Songs: Firework
The encore portrayed Katy at her finest. Wearing a dramatic catsuit with an added extravagant skirt this fabulous lady was a vision. This is my favourite kind of Katy. The colours were gorgeous and continued her Prismatic transformation we were expose to from the beginning of the night. Back to her normal black loose locks (even if it was a wig),  Katy was picture perfection. The experience was worth her absence from the Met Ball red carpet as her tour wardrobe provided us with all the glamour we desired. 




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