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Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Victoria Beckham- Style Inspiration and role model

Victoria Beckham
Queen of the fashion world (and in her own right!)

Originally a Spice girl no one thought VB would make it to where she is today. Of course after the Spice girls success and a high profile marriage to David Beckham this fabulous lady gained worldwide attention. From her latex, cropped outfits to every hairstyle under the sun to say a transformation has taken place would be an understatement. Not only is she married to one of the hottest men in the world she has four gorgeous children, Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz and our favourite celebrity baby of the moment Harper!

In 2008 it all happened. Victoria's line emerged, the beginning of her amazing impact into the fashion industry. She debuted her collection and received positive reviews from critics. The same year she landed three Vogue covers, the first being British of course, which help gain recognition. Her move to America for David's football was perfect, not only could she begin her line over in the US it was her chance to gain global success and respect. Have you seen how many of the stars are wearing VB these days including many of my other favourites such as Miranda Kerr.
A bag to die for, my favourite!

She is a devout anti-fur campaigner and has never used as such in her collection. She is a pro jet setter and has dominated the US, Paris and our very own London.
Vogue Queen and Fashion star.

I have a lot of respect for this wonderful women who has emerged into the fashion world and worked her way up. As you can see from my previous blogpost in which I posted her Vogue Festival interview you can tell that she puts in every inch of hardwork working alongside her team.

The many styles of Victoria Beckham ...

Airport chic ...

Ultimate yummy mummy, who can make themselves look this good whilst carrying a child and in heels?! Extremley impressive with her signature sunglasses and extensive range of handbags, which I am one day dreaming of owning.
Wearing Victoria Beckham (right) and Prada (left).

Casual ...

 Comfortable yet chic. Whether she is wearing a sweater and boots or cardigans and heels, she is always looking glamourous.
Wearing a Balenciaga sweater, Porenza Schouler shoes and a handbag from her own range (left) and wearing a Celine sweater, VB jeans and bag and Louboutins.

Powerdressing ...

A powerful woman needs to dress powerful and Victoria Beckham has this down to a tee. Her outfits are always immaculate whatever the occasion . Her locks are always flowing and pristine and she is forever ready to impress especially in her favourite Loubi's. Power dressing is a favourite of mine.
Wearing Victoria Beckham and Chloe wedges (left) and a Victoria Beckham dress and Chanel shoes (right).

Red carpet ...

Red carpet events call for red carpet glamour and this phenomenal lady certainly delivers which is evident by being Glamour's Women of the decade.
Wearing Maison Martin Margiela (lef) and Victoria Beckham (right).

Working ...

Victoria has worked for what she has achieved and being in and out of meetings should take its toll, but not on her appearance. Have you ever seen an unflattering picture of her? Her outfits are always flawless. These two outfits are absolute favourites of mine, love love love!
Wearing a Victoria Beckham dress (left) and Yves Saint Laurent heels and Victoria Beckham (right).

Everyone loves Victoria ...

A fabulous lady with a fabulous collection.



  1. I must express my utter admiration for this lady! She is so classy, smart and fabulous! I'm so into her.

  2. Victoria Beckham's style is always classy, wherever she's going. She rarely gets it wrong. Also its great to see her on her casual days, were she is comfortable but still very stylish. Love her! xx

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