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Sunday, 23 June 2013

A look into my life

The most important thing to me about blogging is interacting with my followers discussing both my views and their own.
Fashion is a source of admiration for me and something I am truly passionate about which is why I created this blog.
I thought it is very important to do this post for you to gain a wider insight to my life. In return I ask for you to share your answers to these questions with me in order to create a wider interconnected blogging community.
Let me know what you think darlings ...


What made you start a blog?
I was always tweeting and talking about fashion (I still am!) on a constant basis. The creation of this blog is a way for me to express my inspirations, admirations and my idea's in terms on style, fashion, beauty and life.

Where do you come from?
My dad is ex-military so I have lived all over England and in Germany twice so cannot really pinpoint one place!

What do you do?
I am a Politics and Sociology student going into my second year at Newcastle University. Alongside this I work part time.

Who are your style inspirations?
Kate Middleton and Miranda Kerr are two wonderful ladies who have impeccable style. The designs they wear are carefully picked out which makes me appreciate their ensembles even more. I adore the Duchess of Cambridge's chic royal glamour and Miranda's flawless, effortless day and evening looks.

Who are your influences?
Diane Von Furstenberg and Vera Wang are two amazing designers with interesting backgrounds that have worked their way into the fashion industry by not only creating fabulous designers but also life coaching within the brand themselves. Victoria Beckham is also a role model to me. Her entry into the fashion industry through sheer hard work is admirable.

Where do you see yourself in five years?
Hopefully graduated and on my way to becoming a successful woman.

Who is your favourite designer?
How could I only choose one?! Oscar de la Renta has forever been a favourite for mine, all his designs are so glamourous. Marchesa and Elie Saab, especially Haute couture, are perfect for formal evening wear alongside quirky and sophisticated Balenciaga who perfects the balance in both day and evening wear. Vera Wang's wedding collection is a dream of mine and I hope to own my own pair of Christian Louboutins one day, they are exceptional. Victoria Beckham creates my favourite line of handbags.

Who is your favourite artist?
Katy Perry

Who is your favourite fashion blogger?
Chiara Ferrangi, The Blonde Salad

Where is your favourite travel destination?
Anywhere hot!

What is your favourite fashion magazine?
I always buy Vogue and Grazia and have a subscription to Elle.

What is your favourite beauty product?
I own a gorgeous Lancome red lipstick perfect for vivid and bold ensembles.

What is the essential item in your wardrobe?
A great pair of shoes and tailored jacket or blazer.

What is your favourite show?
Gossip girl for the glamour and fashion and also Pretty Little Liars for the adventure and mystery.

What are your networks?

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Keep in touch and let me know more about you!

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