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Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Hamilton: Victoria Palace

Back in Summer 2016 Lin -Manuel Miranda appeared on James Corden's carpool karaoke (WATCH). So what was the hype? The interest around Miranda and the promotion of his play, 'Hamilton' provoked curiosity around the world. Hamilton, a successful broadway play long before Miranda's appearance on the Late Late Show, is described as, 'the story of someone who embodies hip-hop, Treasure Secretary Alexander Hamilton'. Like many others, including the Obama's, our initial reaction was one that was far from taken seriously but after conducting research and being witness to one of the greatest creations of our time, it's true to say we all admitted we were wrong.   
The story of Alexander Hamilton is a history lesson. Through three hours of lyrics the 47 year life span of Alexander Hamilton is told through hip hop, yes really. This concept is mind blowing however we soon began to realise that Miranda's creation is something unparalleled, something truly out of this world.  He first presented this at the White House Poetry night in 2009 playing the role of Aaron Burr in the song, 'Alexander Hamilton' (WATCH). This placed Miranda, an already successful broadway star, into the limelight; people began to listen. Six years later Hamilton dominates broadway, dominates every awards show, and dominates the globe. 
Sold out for three years in the US, it was announced in late December 2016 that Hamilton would be coming across the pond and showing in the newly refurbished Victoria Palace theatre. Eighteen months ago I purchased tickets and just last week I was lucky to be subjected to one the greatest creations I have ever seen, and will never forget. Lucky really is the perfect word to sum up this experience, proven after I saw the play first hand.
This story incorporates power struggle, the founding of America as a nation and a cast and story that brings together cultures from around the world. This story is about making a history and having a voice. Something that doesn't sound to distance from our world today? I spent the past year and a half listening to this soundtrack and discovered the story through solely sound. To then see it performed on stage felt an honour. From Lin-Manuel Miranda to composer Alex Lacamoire, this is a play that retells history like never before, an education that you desire more than most.
Whether you are a history enthusiast, curious around the hype or quite simply looking for perspective I can assure you this is a night you will never forget. The artists that have created this play have given us something we never knew we needed- and now we wish for more. The price and the wait is worthwhile- I knew this even before my viewing.

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