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Sunday, 2 April 2017

Those to follow

The world revolves around social media, there is simply no denying it.
However this is not a bad thing. It provides us with instant access to global happenings whether it's the latest news story or the hottest trend. 
Instagram is the world in pictures. It provides us with an insight to those we admire and seek inspiration from. Here I share a few of my favourites. Whilst you should you never take yourself or your social media too seriously be sure that your days scrolling are filled with positivity and all things that provide you with the strive to go out and slay.

Hottest trends, runway exclusives and wishlist desires

Outrageous experimenting and industry favourites 

Motivation, ambition and all time frolicking

Wanderlust, island life and destination dreams

Power, change and insight

Feel good vibes
Sass, food for thought and overstepping boundaries 

Which are your favourite social media accounts?
Click on these handles to get discovering.
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