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Monday, 20 February 2017

Up in my space

I found my love of home decor through none other than Instagram and Pinterest. Sure, the fashion game is strong but that doesn't mean it's all about what you are wearing head to toe. Your home is a place you can make your own. My bedroom is a mixture of blush, cream and white tones. I'm all about simplicity and would call myself the opposite of a hoarder. You will find my desk area, also my blogging workspace, with an array of my go to make up products and always a copy of the latest Elle. You never know when you might go to reach for any of these things, particularly my laptop as I work better in the evening. 
I am obsessed with my white high gloss draws. One thing that is my to live by rule is only keep on display what you are actually going to use. Whether this is make up, perfume, clothes or anything in between. If you don't need it why do you have it? A great deal of my things are kept in storage until the change in season. 
Over the years I have built myself a collection of fashion reference books. I switch these around often for when i'm seeking a little inspiration. Whilst many can end up being ridiculously expensive I know these are something that will remain with me for years to come.
My interiors are mostly from Laura Ashley and Next and I would never stray. Their designs are fail proof, elegant and ultimately glamorous. If I could ever suggest one thing it would be invest in mirrored wardrobes, they are life changing and compliment the light when the sun is shining ... just not at 4.30am when I need to do my make up. 
The top of my wardrobe is filled with shoes. If they have boxes that is where they live. Shoes are something I really do struggle to part with. On the left hand side I keep my off duty pieces and my right is all about work and outwear. In the middle I keep my favourite pieces covered to make sure they look every inch of show stopping as they were when I first received them. My Summer wardrobe is currently stored away until it at least hits 25 degrees ... i'm just kidding 15 will have to do. I often empty my wardrobe of old pieces and whilst I could sell many of them I prefer to place them in charity to bags so they can contribute towards a more meaningful cause. 
As i'm always on the go I keep the shoes and handbags I am frequently using at the time by my door. This means that as I finish work and quickly need to change I can do so at ease. 
Whilst my desk draw should be filled with all important things it isn't. I keep my planner, blogging diary and array of sunglasses stored in here. It may look simple and a little random but these are probably some of my favourite things. Guilty. 

Where do you seek your favourite home decor inspirations?
Be sure to let me know.  

A few of my favourite places to shop home decor
Laura Ashley 

Marks and Spencers


The White Company

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