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Monday, 16 February 2015

Alexa Chung X Nails Inc. hearts review

First it was Victoria for Nails Inc. Now it's now time for a new fashionista to add their touch to this fabulous nail brand in one of the most sought after collaborations this season.  
Alexa Chung is here to add a little sass to your beauty fix with Alexa X Nails Inc.
Alexa hearts is perfection. A clear coat of polish merges with tiny intricate red hearts to create one of the most chic manicures around, after all it has appeared in Vogue. I've been wearing this polish all weekend, in honour of Valentines day, however it is perfect for any time you need a little glam in your life.
One thing is for sure, all you will receive are compliments as it is certainly a manicure that will stand out.
As with the Victoria Beckham polish, Nails Inc. have stepped it up when it comes to quality. This polish is heavy duty and although it may take a lot patience to ensure the hearts are equally placed to perfection, they last. The bottle is simplistic yet gorgeous with a chrome lid that emphasises the beautiful shape and colour of what is inside.
This is primarily a clear polish and in my opinion acts best as an over coat. I paired my Alexa hearts with Barry M gelly in fondant and with the two combined, my nails were divine. 
Alexa hearts can be worn over any colour when it comes to embellishing your mani or even on naked nails for a little quirkiness.

Alexa hearts is my favourite in the entire Alexa range. However she has also brought out seven equally gorgeous individuals alongside one colour collection. 
Nails Inc. are in the process of a re-brand in celebration of their fifteenth birthday and I cannot think of anyone more appropriate and fabulous to take over the role as brand ambassador from Poppy Delevingne. 
Will you be trying Alexa Chung X Nails Inc?


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