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Thursday, 18 December 2014

Blogmas Day 17; Lifestyle: Christmas chic home décor

             Christmas is suppose to be all round fabulous right? Including your home that is. 
Decorations and accessories during the festive period are so glamourous, chic and worth the spend.
As if your home décor wasn't exquisite anyway, now is really the time to impress your guests and prove your all round fashionista status is not just where your wardrobe is concerned.

Archipelago, £25 Buy here, Philipa Craddock, £185 Buy here, John Lewis, £3.50 Buy here
Next, £100 Buy here Harrods, £139 Buy here , Selfridges, £59 Buy here

Harrods, £9 Buy here, LSA, £40 Buy here, Ted Baker, £12 Buy here

Which is your favourite accessory darling? 
Mine has to be those crackers!
These are the making of department store dreams.

*All photos are linked to respected sites

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