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Tuesday, 25 November 2014

#ORANGEURHOOD Say no to violence against women- UN Women

ORANGEURHOOD- UN Women, 25th November-10th December

Whether at work or the home,
In power or without a say,
Wealthy or at the poverty line,
Through armed conflict and human rights violation,
In media, education and health,
Women are victims of violence.

(United Colours of Benetton in support of UN Women)

This campaign is something truly magnificent.
This campaign is not just for feminists, but for the entire world, it's time to stop gender violence.
From now until the 10th December, Human rights day, the UN is encouraging global awareness of this worldwide problem by campaigning to END Violence against Women.

Women are powerful.
Women are strong.
Women are worth it.

The colour orange is vibrant, bold and show stopping, the epitome of women if you think about it.
Orange symbolises a brighter future.

The facts
  • 1/3 women have experienced sexual abuse, most by an intimate partner
  • 133 million women and girls have undergone genital mutilation   
  • 120 million women have been forced into some form of sexual acts in their life

The key campaign for UN Women is SAY NO.

The Beijing promise of 1995 listed Women's violence as a main priority which in turn led to the criminalising of domestic violence in two thirds of the world.
We need to work on the last third, whilst tackling the loop holes of the law.
Show your support.
Spread awareness.
Knowledge is power and together we will tackle.
Save your wives, mothers, sisters, daughters, friends, family, colleagues, strangers. 

No one should be subjected to this.

Find out further information at: 

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