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Tuesday, 25 March 2014

CJG- Shoes to dominate every city

The CJG SS14 collection has just been released and these darling green soles are perfect for dominating the city in the height of summer. Forget about simplistic, these shoes are show stopping and have the ability to carry an outfit.
No matter where you are this summer, there are a pair for wherever your location maybe ...

Rio Di Janeiro, £115
 Perfect pairing: Midi dress
Perfect event: Date night
Perfect colour combination: Black
Santa Monica, £115
Perfect pairing: Two piece skirt, top combination
 (Think Kimmy Kardashian)
Perfect event: Working dinner
Perfect colour combination: White
Miami, £130
 Perfect pairing: Why your bikini of course!
Perfect event: Pool party
Perfect colour combination: Anything bright! Fuschia, yellow ...
Passadena, £95
 Perfect pairing: Tailored shorts
Perfect event: Shopping!
Perfect colour combination: Orange ... yes orange! 
Santiago, £115
 Perfect pairing: Cropped, tailored trousers
Perfect event: Day at the office
Perfect colour combination: Monochrome, or houndstooth 
Santa Monica, £115
 Perfect pairing: Floor length gown
Perfect event: High society ball
Perfect colour combination: Anything glamourous darlings! 
Malibu, £115
 Perfect pairing: Jumpsuit
Perfect event: Garden party
Perfect colour combination: Coral- time to get a little sassy
Buenos Aires, £130
 Perfect pairing: Sheer blouse
Perfect event: Fashion Show
Perfect colour combination: Cobalt blue

Las Vegas, £150
 Perfect pairing: Mini dress
Perfect event: Cocktails 
Perfect colour combination: Red
Malibu take two, £130
Perfect pairing: Playsuit
Perfect event: Partying with your favourite girls! 
Perfect colour combination: Lime- it's time to experiment

El Paso, £95
 Perfect pairing: Denim shorts
Perfect event: Exploring, time to be a little touristy
Perfect colour combination: Pink! 
Upper East Side, £115
 Perfect pairing: Tailored Blazer
Perfect event: Gala
Perfect colour combination: Baby pink

Which is your favourite darlings? Mine are between Santa Monica and Malibu! Shop the new collection HERE
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  1. Great shoes!! I loved the Malibu shoes (both)!! Keep it up..
    Maria xox


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