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Monday, 24 February 2014

LFWeekend Trend Catwalk Exclusive- February SS14

Darlings! I have returned from yet another fabulous London Fashion Weekend and it was my favourite catwalk to date! With multiple designers, the have created and styled some amazing SS14 trends categorising them into Precious Metals, Flower Power, Lace Embrace and Good Sport. If you remember a few weeks ago I provided you with four instalments:
The trends I viewed on the catwalk were embedded in my four instalments proving these ARE the hottest and essential guidelines for the best SS14 wardrobe. The show itself was once again presented by Angela Scalon. Here is your exclusive:
Precious Metals
This is my favourite trend and you will clearly see why. Metallics are fabulous and always will be.  However this season we are deviating from the classic silver and golds and opting for bright and vibrant colours producing statement making looks. The greatest thing about viewing the trend catwalk is the models demonstrate how to wear this metallics in multiple ways. From cropped trousers to dress, shorts and blazers. Undeniably there is a look that will suit everyone. My favourite is the little blue jumper and gold tube skirt combination, so chic.

Flower Power
Florals are back and they are hotter than ever. The number one classic cliché look for summer is here and has a large target audience that will be delighted to embrace once more Focusing on mismatch prints, here we are able to see different patterns paired together such as the second look, a floral top that meets striped trousers- busy and complicated but just how we like it. I also love the range of different colours. At one end of the spectrum we are choosing bold orange and blues and the other end, in polar opposite, we choose feminine pinks and turquoises. Florals are perfect night and day and are the key to diversity.

Lace Embrace
Sure lace has always been 'cute' but sometimes cute can be boring. It is time to get a little more flirtatious and sassy with the introduction of different colours and edgy features such as the fitted black leather waist belt that look five beholds. The lace trend can be interpreted in many different ways and the great thing is that it is unlikely you will get it wrong, because there is no wrong where lace is concerned. Lace does not always have to be feminine but can transgress into something a little more sophisticated and classy. This trend is a great way to focus on typical summer pastels as A/W colours inevitably make lace a little more understated.

Good sport
Sport? Good? No I didn't like the sound of this trend either however the catwalk well and truly proved me wrong. Colour blocking is my favourite and this trend delivered. Once again we see the appearance of dominant orange and daring colour combinations like it's pairing with blue. This trend would appear a little more casual and effortless but the models still wore strapless, open toed heels and looked ultra glam. I have to note how gorgeous the sleek, straight hair of the models which presented a vision good enough for Vogue rather than Teen Vogue- mature and serious. This is perhaps one of the easiest trends to replicate with high street alternatives as these colours are easily accessible. Even for those who are not into sport (like me) this is a trend you MUST try because it will lead to all eyes being on you, colour blocking has that impact. Despite it's best efforts this trend still remains feminine and elegant with a twist that provokes excitement and the temptation to try! 

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