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Wednesday, 8 January 2014

15 New Years Resolutions of a fashion blogger

1. Clean  your make up brushes more often

2.   Detox, eat clean and stick to it- guide to flawless skin and a bikini body

3. Victoria’s Secret workout always- No matter how deserving you think you 
are of a day off

4.  Never stop- You always work better when you are constantly on the go


5. Learn to stay up ridiculously late and wake up early, EVERY NIGHT- training your body for NYFW and awards season

6. Place your concentration on up and newcoming designers more

7. Try and keep the same nail colour for longer than 3 days- I'm a nail chameleon

8.To own every single shade of Body shop lip glosses

9. Embrace trends no matter how out of your comfort zone they are

10.   Pay attention to outfit pieces you often neglect- Jewellery is mine

11. Continue to experiment with colour- stay on trend

12. Change your scent regularly

13.  Show your feet when wearing heels- peep toe, sandals
14.   To try the Dolce and Gabbana Green lips

15.   READ more fashion books 


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