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Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Dress for success; the art of power dressing

“Act as though it is impossible to fail.”- Dorothea Brande

What is success? Achieving the perfect job or perhaps the perfect outfit? Success is what you make of it. The example I like to use most often is that of Politics and Fashion, subjects very close to my heart. Look at the likes of Hilary Clinton, ex Secretary of State and soon to be presidential candidate or we can look back at the legacy of Margaret Thatcher, both successful politicians that mastered the fashion industry aswell as the political arena.

I sit writing this blog post as the Channel 4 documentary entitled, ‘Princess Diana’s Dresses: The Auction’, appears on my screen. Diana knew how to present herself with grace and poise whether she was a member of the Royal family or not. She used the art of power dressing in many of her engagements. The limelight today is shone on Michelle Obama or perhaps Victoria Beckham whose work as well as their outfit is plunged into recognition.

Dress for success.

Power dressing is an area of fashion that greatly intrigues me and one that I think about quite a lot whilst choosing my outfits. Like with any old man who can throw on a suit and show his apparent, ‘authority’ women do the same. Tailored and thought through is the key to playing the perfect part on the road to domination. You want to walk down the street and for people to have a second glance, admiring your outfit. For me powerdressing makes me feel fabulous and a fabulous self triggers determination and the desire for success.
Here are the key pieces to the ultimate power dressing wardrobe:

The Dress
Experiment with length. This is where the above the knee rule should apply. You do not have to be wearing a ridiculously short dress but as long as it is structured and flattering you are on the right track. Do not drown yourself in a dress that is too long or wear something too tight, trust me there is nothing powerful in your appearance when you are tugging at them all night.

Pieces featured are from: All Saints, £148 J Crew, £174 Miss Selfridge, £42


Hello Pussybow! This is an absolute favourite of mine, it feels feminine and flirty yet has every inch of sophistication that is required. Whether it is a long or short sleeve, dark or light wear a Pussybow blouse and you are dressing to impress … or should I say success. High necklines are also great to work with. Experiment with different patterns and bold colours but nothing too extravagant where patterns are concerned.

Pieces featured are from: Ted Baker, £34 Warehouse, £25

 Tailored, tailored, tailored! If you are wearing trousers you want them to be the perfect fit so they complement your top to the highest quality. The pencil skirt is also fabulous for the workplace paired with heels and a blouse.

Pieces featured are from: Miu Miu, £595 Oscar de la Renta, £670


A jacket is a must have and we are not talking the boring suit jacket! Cropped jackets are really on trend this season and go perfectly with dress, skirts and trousers not to mention flats or heels. On the other hand you can never go wrong with a blazer to smarten up your look. Even if you are running late and in a rush throw on a blazer and your look is transformed.

Pieces featured are from: Bannana Repbulic, £110 Topshop, £68

Shoes and Handbag
The shoes and handbag are my favourite part of the whole ensemble. You may remember my blogpost, ‘The Power of High Heels’, and this says it all. Heels play a major part in power dressing. Height elaborates on dominance and makes you feel ready to do anything paving the way to success. A good handbag is also a must, I love my River Island one which you have previously seen in past blog posts. A handheld tote is something that can perfect any outfit.

Pieces featured are from: River Island, £45 Louboutin, £450

Remember mix and match designer and high street pieces.

Dressing to succeed lies with feeling good about yourself.

Let me know your most successful fashion moments and how they have aided to being successful women darlings.



  1. I love this guide. It is everything a girl needs to know! The pussybow is actually really flattering, I actually never knew the name of it, before this post!


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