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Monday, 13 May 2013

The power of high heels

Most girls, if not every, have a special place in their heart towards shoes or more specifically high heels.
So there are many different reasons for wearing heels .. maybe you consider yourself too short? or maybe they show off your lovely long pins? Ultimately high heels are a source of power for many women. I know from my personal experience wearing heels makes me feel fabulous and confident, usually paired with a perfect outfit for a night out! But why should heels be relegated to nights out for young women today? Unless you're walking the high fashion streets of London or the likes of New York and Paris wearing heels is considered abnormal in day to day life. Wearing heels in everyday life, walking down the high street, you would find yourself surrounded by many stares, which yes may not always be a bad way to draw attention to yourself, but you know inside they are consciously querying your choice. But why should you be frowned upon? I'm not saying wearing heels all the time is a desire of the female population as a whole, but why is it considered by many as socially unacceptable? This is a sign of weakening the female image because heels bring women power. Now, I am all for womens rights, I truly am however that does not mean i'm a devout feminist, instead I take the stance that surely something that brings power to women should have attention drawn to it. The main thing with heels is they bring height and height makes a woman feel good about herself confident, sexy and able to do anything. This is power, power is dominant and seductive. Look at the likes of Christian Louboutin who began making heels adding his own personal touch by painting the soles of them red which soon became his trademark. Those red soles are now a global phenomenon. He was inspired when he visited Musée national des Arts d'Afrique et d'Océanie and saw a sign forbidding women of wearing heels in case they damaged the floor in this African museum. Christians response?

'I wanted to defy that, I wanted to create something that broke the rules and made women feel confident and empowered'

and on this he sells 60,000 pairs of shoes a year creating a revenue of $250million dollars. So he maybe a man? So what, how many men do you see wearing heels? Heels mean power in more than one way and not just for women.
High heels maybe painful but that famous saying by Benjamin Franklin, 

'there is no gain without pain'

is evident to a tee. Look fabulous, stay classy, succeed.
Heels have created a mass financial market and various areas of buisness, a worthwhile product for women to place their money into and provides a feeling of power and dominance amongst the women who wear them which equates to them being confident, sexy and successful.

'You put high heels on and you change'
-Manolo Blahnik 



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